2014 – Myoko and Nozawa – Japan

Following on from the incredible snow conditions of 2013, there was no doubting that we were going to ‘double up’ and return to Myoko Kogen. To ensure variety though we added in a mid week move to the gorgeous Nozawa Onsen.

The 2014 tour crew was the biggest ever at 23 plus the 3 guides. This made for even more fun and the crew got along famously. The fancy dress karaoke party on the second night became the talk of the town with reports of three Vikings walking in a bar and dragging out a drunken sailor (sounds like the beginning of a joke!) – but what happens on tour stays on tour.

Although 2014 did not produce quite as much powder for us as 2013 had done, there were still plenty of fresh tracks to be found on and off piste.  Suginohara once again produced a stunning day of sunshine and fresh powder lines – heaven. The pick of the mountains though was taken by the Yamabiko area on Nozawa Onsen which was simply amazing.

On the topic of amazing, the 2014 Amazing Snow Race through Myoko turned out to be a boys versus girls, with the girls coming away victorious (team Charlies Angels) and being very humble in their defeat of the rival guys … OK, maybe not so humble, but a well deserved win.

Our favourite photographer Matt Hull came out with us again and got some stunning hero shots of everyone on the tour. You can see some of his handy work below.

The final night dinner was a Japanese feast in a very modern restaurant in Nozawa. Much sake lead to much noise, but all in good fun (although some paid the price the following day for continuing with the sake at a nearby bar). For the first time we crowned a Queen of the Mountain to Lucy Bruzzone who really did push it hard the whole trip and was a very worthy winner.

We really hope to see you in 2015 …..

"The team at Discovery are second to none. Everything is organised SO well that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fun. My skiing has improved out of sight! Discovery has turned my wife and I into true snow seekers, so we will definitely be back in 2015"

- Dean Aslin (Myoko and Nozawa, 2014)


Some photos of the 2014 crew from our professional photographer Matt Hull

"I have to say that this is one of the best holidays of my life. I was a little scared because I had never skied and Discovery Snow Tours took me from complete beginner to being comfortable on intermediate runs in just one week. I have found a new passion - skiing!  Thanks to the team at Discovery Snow Tours for helping me discover something new about myself."

- Sylvia Choy (Myoko and Nozawa, 2014)