2009 – Nozawa Onsen – Japan

After an amazing 2007 and 2008 in Furano, we decided to keep chasing the authentic Japanese experience. This lead us to the gorgeous little sleepy hollow of Nozawa Onsen. On the main island of Honshu (in the Nagano prefecture), Nozawa did not disappoint. The corn cobs cooked in the local Onsen water turned out to be a huge hit, as many of the hidden curry houses and yakatori (grilled chicken) bars.

The 10km green cat track run kept the novices entertained for our with its amazing scenery, and the Skyline run across the top ridge was simply magic at 8:30am. A few powder enthusiasts got out of bounds and had a great time, while the red runs on the summit seemed to be everyone's favourite place to be.

A trip to one of the local onsen's provided some amusing moments, especially when we found out that we had decided to visit the hottest onsen in town (no wonder it felt so hot).

Discovery Snow Tours had always been a purist ski group, however after a few seasons of various snowboarders tagging along, we were formally joined by Ian "Fez" Denford who ran some brilliant snowboard lessons and sharpened everyone's skills. The addition of Fez meant that we had more snowboarders on the tour and this changed the dynamics of the group - for the better!


"Discovery Snow Tours, thank you! You organised such an amazing holiday for me. I always wanted to try skiing but was never sure how to get started – you took away all of the hard parts and showed me the incredible snow of Japan. I learned to ski and to snowboard from a complete beginner, and felt so proud of what I achieved.  I will definitely be back for more."

- Isabella Ho (Nozawa, 2009)

Some photos from the 2009 tour